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Alfresco Team: First Thoughts and Limitations to Consider

Alfresco published its Team product a couple of days ago. Having some loose relationship with Alfresco, being a certified trainer, it caught me by suprise as we just had a Training Partner Symposium Update a couple of days before and Team wasn’t mentioned there.

Excitedly I opened the Alfresco Team site. iOS App, cool I thought, grabbing my Apple gadget, just to figure out no App in the AppStore yet. Digging into it I found it in the press release, will just be published beginning of July. So I wondered, why didn’t Alfresco wait until then to release Team as most of us most likely will jump on the iOS App at first glance?

After investigating the Team site a little further I liked the feature of being able to configure things from the UI. Being a developer I do not mind tweaking files but for most beginners it will speed up and simplify things.

Next I reviewed the license options and that was when I first started frowning. Continue reading →

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