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The Learning Pathway: Actions, Rules and Simple and Advanced Workflow Integration


this blog post is about the webinar I gave on 21st of September with the rather long title: “Actions, Rules and Simple and Advanced Workflow Integration Use Cases”.

The title might be a little bit misleading, as it just gives one Use Case, but should enable you to get an idea of whatelse can be achieved by leveraging the Alfresco build in features and frameworks, like actions, rules, simple workflow and advanced workflow.

The main example is to extend a simple workflow to provide status and tasks, as one would get by using an advanced workflow directly. The advantage of using a simple workflow and extend it by some means is, that users can define the workflows by themselves and get some of the benefits of advanced workflows.

This said, it is of course not possible to achieve all the things with this approach, but for some use cases this might be sufficient.

Extending Alfresco’s out of the box actions with custom actions is easy. Leveraging Alfresco’s rules to automate things, straight forward. And combining these two features with either simple and or advanced workflows is one way to provide the required features to your users in a more simple and straight forward way.

You can review the presentation or the complete webinar.

Regarding the source code accompanying the presentation, I ask for your patience. I am currently reworking some code and will make available some time during the next week.

Have fun, make comments and let me know if you liked it or not



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